Friday, May 05, 2017

Squires Down Under - Sydney Day 3

Day 5 - Sydney - November 16, 2016

Today we hit up some more sites in Sydney.

First though, you've got to start off the day with something nutritious.  Maybe Tim Tams?

Or a chocolate coconut muffin from McDonald's?

Or a donut with chocolate sprinkles, also from McDonald's?

Looks like McDonald's chocolate muffin is the way to go.

We next visited the Sydney Tower Eye.  They had a quiz for the girls to work on before we took the elevator up to the top.

You can just make out the Opera House and Harbor Bridge from this view.

Looking down at our hotel.  It's the orange art deco building near the middle of the photo.

Looking west towards Darling Harbor.

Mostly South.  Bondi Beach is down thataway.

Mostly east. The edge of Hyde Park is below, as well as St. Mary's Cathedral.

Finishing their quizzes, looking for landmarks.

I should have bought this book while we were there.  There are only 2 available on Amazon, and one of them is $47!

The Wheels on the Ute Go Round and Round.  I also should have bought this one.  There is only one on Amazon and it is $35!

Our sweets from McDonald's weren't filling enough, so we made a stop by Doughnut Time.

This is a statue of Islay, Queen Victoria's favorite dog.

The doughnuts were great.  I should have taken a photo of the other box that we bought as well...

We went to the Powerhouse Museum in the Darling Harbor area.  I had heard lots of good things about this museum, but it was just ok.

There was Wiggles exhibition.  We're not fans of the Wiggles, but this was the only real kid-oriented area of the space.

Designing new dresses for their models.

This was a pretty typical urinal in Australia.

After the museum we grabbed some food from the Museum Cafe.  This was one of our favorite lunches of our whole trip. Lyla loved her sweet potato fries and I had some excellent tacos.


If somebody told you to bag your brolly, what would you be thinking?  Probably not anything about your umbrella, eh?

We played around outside the museum for the bit, then we walked over to a park to let the girls play.

Sand toys.

Playing in the water.

Lounging around.

There were little water trails around the park.  We played pooh sticks and raced each other down the paths.

Pooh stick races.

Zip line.

We finished the day by grabbing some dinner and lounging around the hotel watching darts and quiz shows. Lovely day.

Tomorrow: We visit the Blue Mountains.

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