Sunday, May 07, 2017

Squires Down Under - Sydney Day 4

Day 7 - Bondi Beach Sydney - November 18, 2016

Our last day in Sydney was also the warmest day of our visit.

We swung by the grocery store again for some apples, snacks and vegemite.

Lots of flavors of Tim Tams.  The best ones were the original chocolate ones.

After checking out of our hotel we made our way to Bondi Beach. Going through all of these pictures has made me want to get to a beach again asap!

This beach was beautiful.  Lots of beach pics follow.

While it may appear that Alison is going topless like some of the ladies on the beach, I assure you that she is not.


While we didn't eat ice cream at the same pace that we did in Europe, it was still a perfect treat for us today.

After the beach we made our way to the airport to catch our flight to New Zealand.  One unwelcome surprise was that Air New Zealand charges bag fees, and because we didn't pay these fees before our flight they were super expensive at the airport (I think they were $120, each bag).  We were able to consolidate a bit and take a bag as a carry-on, but it was still pricey.  Live and learn I guess.

You can see a few of Sydney's famous beaches as we flew out to see.  Bondi Beach is the top beach visible along the coast.  Manly Beach is further up on the other side of the harbor entrance.

At least the entertainment was good (and free).  They had all of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies available to watch to prep us for our visit to Middle Earth.

They love meat pies in countries with strong British influence.  They're usually just ok to me.

Tomorrow: Wellington and our first taste of Middle Earth

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