Saturday, February 18, 2017

Squires Do Europe - Ice Cream

Remember that we only had three rules?

Rule #1 - Eat ice cream every day.

Paris.  I love Lyla's face in this one.

The above two pictures are at Versailles.

London.  That's ol' Big Ben himself back there.

On the cruise.  With the free ice cream on the cruise we probably actually averaged out to eating ice cream 2x every day. That's one reason why we all came home a little chubbier I came home a little chubbier.

On the streets of Las Palmas.

On the top deck of the cruise ship. This was still the same day as the Las Palmas ice cream above.

Marseilles.  I got the big cone.

Marseilles day, round 2.

Pisian ice cream.

Rome.  On the street near the Trevi Fountain. Wearing dresses so that we could enter St. Peter's Basilica.

In Amalfi.

On the cruise ship.


Barcelona at Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.  This was our breakfast.  It was my birthday so we did what I wanted.

We skipped ice cream on our last day in Paris because we went to Angelica's for drinking chocolate instead.  I can only afford so many treats, ya know?

(Rule #2 was no stinkers in public, but Lyla and I had a hard time with that one).

I'll cover Rule #3 in one last post about this trip tomorrow.

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