Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Squires Do Europe - Mallorca, Spain

Day 6 - Mallorca, Spain - August 15, 2016

Today when we woke up we were docked in the capitol city of Palma on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

First stop, breakfast! Lyla and Kate.

Alison and Lyla.

Ada & Kate.

Off the boat. In the cruise terminal.

One last look back at our huge ship.

We took a free shuttle from the cruise terminal into the center of town.

Kate was a bit grumpy on this ride. Probably because she had to sit by me.

You can see our floating hotel docked in the background. This was a fairly short cruise stop.  We also took our time in getting off the boat, so we only had a few hours to burn.

We were dropped off right by the Mallorca Cathedral.

To say the girls were fascinated by this guy would be an understatement. Even Alison was baffled. At the time I only had some American quarters, and he wasn't too happy about that.

There were some beautiful pools around the cathedral.

We were excited to be somewhere warm enough for palm trees.

It was such a lovely day.

The girls wanted to have their names painted in tropical characters. It was pretty cheap. I think that we got all three names for 10 Euros.

Another view of our cruise ship from the promenade around the cathedral.

The cathedral was closed to tourists from 12:00-1:00 for mass, so we had to settle for some pictures outside the cathedral.

Lyla and Alison.


The girls.

The narrow streets around the cathedral were awesome.

We started to wander a bit, just to see whatever sites were around the cathedral.

Lots more narrow streets that have been there for 100s of years.

There was a really old government building, the Lonja de Mallorca (or something like that) that was open to walk through.

Family selfie.

Inside the old building.

We visited our friend again, this time with some Euros.

Kate was more interested in taking a photo with this headless creep.

Harmony of the Seas.

We were back on the boat by 1:30. Our first stop was lunch in the Solarium. We tried to find a table in the Windjammer restaurant, but that place was packed. Usually the boat didn't fee too crowded.  Lunch was not one of those times.

Pulling away from the port in Mallorca.

Who wouldn't want to kiss this girl?

Goodbye Palma. We had a lovely time!

We dropped the kids off at the Kids Camp, then spent some time relaxing (reading) on pool deck.

The Kids Camp was awesome! They had separate rooms for younger kids, middle kids and older kids.  As luck would have it, our kids were each in separate rooms, but that didn't stop them from having fun.  They loved it.  It was free, and it was really one of the best things about the cruise.

Heart sunglasses in the Central Park neighborhood.

Have you ever been on a carousel on a cruise?

I have.

This was in the boardwalk neighborhood of the cruise ship.

Another view of the carousel.  We're standing on the 6th deck and there are still almost a dozen decks above us!

The kids climbing gym.

One last view of Mallorca as we head out into the Mediterranean.

We grabbed some quick service pizza and croissant sandwiches for dinner.

Our next adventure was on the Abyss.

The Abyss was a 10-story slide from the top deck down to the boardwalk.

Kate getting ready.

Alison and Ada going into the Abyss.

Lyla wasn't tall enough to go on the slide (sound familiar), so I took her miniature golfing while Alison and the girls went one more time.

Look at this view.  We may as well have been at Pebble Beach.

Those two purple slides are the Abyss. I thought the slides were pretty fun. They were dark, but there were some colorful LED lights in the tubes.  I think I got going a lot faster than Alison, Ada or Kate.  They need to put on some weight I guess.

The kids wanted to go back to the Kids Camp.  I got scolded after taking this picture (you can see the worker starting to yell at me).  No photos allowed of the kids areas...

We picked Ada up early to take her with us to watch Grease.  While the show seemed to be pretty good for a cruise ship, the stage, props and scenes were pretty awesome and much better than I ever would have expected.

We left the other girls in the Kids Camp as Grease was probably not age appropriate (even for Ada).

This is how Lyla learned to check for aliens at Kids Camp.

When we returned to our Interior Stateroom on deck 11, there was an elephant waiting for us.

Lyla and the elephant.

Thus ends another awesome day. Tomorrow the fun continues in Marseilles, France.


JC Tenney said...

I agree about the Kids Camp on the Royal Caribbean cruises - absolutely awesome.

Rachelle said...

I am loving your trip pictures! Makes me want to go back!