Thursday, February 16, 2017

Squires Do Europe - CGD to SLC

Day 15 - CDG to SLC - August 24, 2016

Today was the first day of school for the girls, but unfortunately for them they were still in Paris.

Another early morning, look at that beautiful Parisian street.

Lugging our luggage to the bus stop.

We took the same Le Bus back from the Gare de Lyon train station directly to Charles De Gaulle Airport.

This picture feels really awkward.  We had bought some macaroons to take home, but after discovering they were getting all crunched up we decided they needed to be eaten.

Our plane that would take us straight to SLC.

Steak salad.  This actually wasn't too bad.

Sleeping Lyla.

Me sleeping like a wide-mouthed sea bass.

And, we're home. The flight was really uneventful. It was awesome to go through customs at our destination and not in some other airport.  We grabbed a taxi to take us home, and then some of us crashed on the floor to sleep.

We're home, but I've got a couple more posts to wrap up this trip.  Next post will be the paintings and artwork that we loved.

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Juanton said...

That looked like an amazing trip! I liked the detail you put into each day so I could enjoy it vicariously. I'm excited to see your posts about New Zealand.