Sunday, February 12, 2017

Squires Do Europe - At Sea

Day 11 - At Sea - August 20, 2016

Finally, a day to relax!

I took the early risers (Lyla and Kate) to breakfast at Johnny Rockets. It was an especially beautiful morning on the ship.

Apparently we arrived too early for Johnny Rockets, so we had some time to kill taking photos.

Looking out the back of the ship. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lyla with her hot chocolate.

Kate with her hot chocolate.

These breakfast photos are making me hungry!

We spent the day lounging around, swimming, water sliding and really taking advantage of the ships amenities.

We sailed right between Corsica and Sardinia.  Next time I'll have to stop and visit these islands.

Lots of swimming.

We had planned on going ice skating, but the lines and crowds didn't allow us to get on the ice before they closed down for the day.

I went to the art auction.  There were a few pieces that I was interested in, but not interested in them enough to be equivalent to the minimum bidding price.

Chocolate covered churros.

An afternoon swim.

Playing hippo and lounging around.

Apparently Ada was in a bad mood (probably mad that somebody else got to wear the pig mask) and wouldn't join us in our animal mask photos.

The last sunset.  We were sad to be leaving the ship.  I should have booked us for two weeks.  It would have been awesome to stop at each port again!

Lyla in the sunset.

Lyla meditating.

Playing ping pong.

One last ride on the carousel.

On the boardwalk looking back towards the carousel.

On the boardwalk looking back towards the rear of the ship (the aquatheater and 10-story slides are back there).

This night was the Olympic final soccer game between Germany and Brazil.  I stayed up late watching the game and a storm rolled in that was rocking the ship with the wind howling.  I was quite mesmerized by it all.

Tomorrow our cruise finishes where it began in Barcelona.

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