Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Squires Do Europe - SLC to CDG

Day 1 - August 9, 2016

We had been awaiting this day for months.  Finally it was time to head out.

Rather than pay $7-$9 per day to park at the airport we decided to call a car service to come and pick us up.  I really wanted a limo, but it was a minimum of 3x the price of even the car service and would have been about $20/mile because we live so close to the airport.

Obligatory photos behind the cardboard airplane.

Everybody had to have their own. Kate.



There's our plane, but we actually ended up being delayed around 2.5 hours.  They had to change a few tires.  It was frustrating to be delayed, but if the plane needs new tires, then let's get them on there.

Donuts helped to soften the blow of the delay.

You'll probably notice that the theme of this trip was treats, treats and more treats.

While wandering with Lyla she wanted to get her very own picture (without photobombers this time).

On the jet.

Now with Kate. The flight was around 10 hours and really wasn't too bad.  Like usual, Alison and I didn't sleep so great, but the girls were great for the most part.


Look at that feast.

Watch out! She's got a knife! (Is it ok to joke about these things now that I'm not in the airport or on a plane?)

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