Friday, March 30, 2007

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Earlier this week (on Tuesday to be exact) Alison and I scored some tickets (thanks Ang and Hyrum) to go to a dinner with the Jazz coaches and players. On the day of the event, Coach Sloan informed everybody that he let the players stay home to rest so it would only be him and Coach Phil Johnson (a one-time coach of the year (1974-75)). This unfortunate decision is what allowed Alison and myself to attend.

While it would have been cool to meet some of the players, it was still fun to have a free dinner - which was very nice. The coaches spoke for a few minutes and answered questions from attendees. The most interesting thing that we learned was that Matt Harpring is not a morning person.

The highlight of the evening was meeting the coaches and getting our picture taken with them. We also had them sign a Jazz season calendar.

*** I'd also like to grant a Happy Birthday wish to Coach Sloan who turned 65 on Wednesday.***

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