Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To the Google Readers:

Everybody that uses Google Reader (or similar RSS reader) may have noticed a small change recently. Instead of publishing my whole blog to the feeder I have changed it to only show the first few lines. This will force all of you RSS readers to visit my blog and be counted by my hit counter. For everybody that doesn't know what RSS, XML and other 'feeds' are then check out this post by a friend of mine.

I had been trying to use technorati.com to read the blogs that I follow but it never updated the blogs that I read. After reading Ben's convincing post on Google Reader, I have been using it and just love it. As much as I try and use products made by companies other than Google, they always just seem to be a step ahead of the game.
Google Reader allows you to "subscribe" to a blog or other frequently updated webpage. When a new post or article is posted on that site then it is also posted in your Google Reader viewing pane. Therefore, if you check for updates on 10 blogs everyday, but some are infrequently updated, this tool saves you time. Mr. Google is a genius.

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Clark said...

I've been trying out Google reader in the last week, and it certainly has it's advantages. I don't run around the internet constantly to see if people have updated their blogs (they haven't). However, it takes a long time for things to show up. Hours sometimes. And then annoying people like you do things like this. Maybe I'll be more selective in reading your blogs if the opening lines aren't catchy enough!