Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sr. Project

On Thursday I had to present my Sr. Project to a group of judges students and faculty. The presentation went great. Although I still have a little bit to go on my project (Because the mechanical engineering students with whom I am working don't have to finish for a couple of more weeks), it was very nice to get this over with. If you really are interested in my presentation, you can check out my slides here.

Here is my abstract that was published in the Open House Guide:


Tyler Squire, DJ Burton, Jason England, Justin McKinnon, Justin Prince (Angela Rasmussen (Electrical and Computer Engineering), A. K. Balaji (Mechanical Engineering)), EFI Electronics, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

The Titan 40W testing cell redesign project was to automate the rigorous testing procedure that each unit undergoes. The Titan 40W is a high-voltage three-phase, surge suppression device. It is designed and manufactured at EFI Electronics, which is a part of Square D. A voltage surge of 1300 V is used to test whether the unit suppresses the voltage correctly. Another test is a full power test in order to verify that the unit functions properly and that the LEDs on the front of the unit light up when the device is working. Previously this test was done by hand and required the full attention of the employee at the test station. The automation was done by using a programmable logic controller (PLC) to run the test and by designing a device that holds the unit and shears the wires when finished. The main goals of the redesign were to simplify the testing process in order to minimize human error, increase productivity and improve the quality of the product that is being manufactured.

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