Monday, June 11, 2007

A Day at the Beach

On Saturday Ada and I went to Willard Bay with my family to go boating. I got Ada up at 6:30 so that Alison could feed her and then we went to my parents’ house where we hitched a ride to the lake. When we got there, the boat wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. My Dad and I went to Wal-Mart in Brigham City to get the battery charged and tested. It just ended up that the battery was dead and we had to buy a new one.

When we returned to the lake and installed the battery, the boat ran like a charm. Needless to say we didn’t get on the water as early as we wanted to. This turned out to not matter much because my first ski was as good as any I’ve ever had at Willard Bay. The water in the lake was really low. I guess they have been repairing the dikes and they had to drain much of the water in order to do that. The beach that we usually use was pretty much unusable. This was probably the first and last time that we will ski Willard bay this year. The water was a little cold but it was surprisingly smooth. After skiing a little bit, I went wakeboarding as well. It was a great time.Ada enjoyed the boat. She was a little fussy when we were stopped but when we were moving and the wind was blowing in her face, she loved it. She actually ended up falling asleep in Morgan’s arms in the boat. We ended up making her a nice bed out of life-jackets on the floor of the boat where she slept soundly. When we got back to the beach, Ada and I played in the water (which she enjoyed once she was acclimatized) and in the sand.
I took the greatest care in keeping all of my stuff dry but during one mental lapse I had my cell phone in the pocket of my swimsuit. Stupidly I got into the water before I remembered and I soaked my phone. I’m letting it dry out but it has yet to work since then. Sooooo, if anybody has an old Sprint cell phone that they would like to donate to me, then I would love to relieve you of it. I’m sure that all of you backup your computer data every week but let this be a lesson to you all to also back up your cell phone data in case you lose your phone or ruin it like I did. A couple of winters ago, I lost my cell phone while snow-skiing at Park City. My phone was buried in the snow for 3 weeks before it was found and turned in. Amazingly enough it worked perfectly. Not so this time (at least not yet…).

Alison didn’t go boating because she threw a baby shower for one of her friends. I’m sure that she enjoyed the time off from taking care of Ada though. Ada will be skiing by the time she’s 3!

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