Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On Call...

Yesterday I put in 11.5 hours at work (I was shooting for 12 but Ada was being very, very naughty at home and Alison requested my presence earlier), but I was ready to put in more. As anybody that lives in Utah or the midwest knows, there is a huge storm system moving through. On the Wasatch front, the forecasters predicted wind gust of 50-70 mph, heavy rain and snow on the benches. Because of this, Rocky Mountain Power opened their emergency command system and I was asked to be on call until about 2-3 AM (because I know as much (or more) about the system than any of the newly hired field engineers). This was the first time that they've ever put me on call. Gratefully, I was never called in (It would have had to be pretty bad for them to call up an intern for help), but I was ready. Luckily these storms don't come around too often (here in Utah).

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