Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pioneer Day Peach

Legend: green - usual route to work, light green - marathon route, red - parade route, blue - todays route to work

Happy Pioneer Day! Especially to those outside of Utah who have never even heard of such an exciting article. This morning when I got up to go to work (I'm working today because we are leaving to southeastern Utah later today - more on that later) I knew that I would have to avoid the parade route on my way to work. When I was driving down 800 S, It looked like I would be able to cross the parade route (it was 6:30 AM and I thought that they may not have closed the crossing roads yet.

It turns out that I was wrong. All of the roads that were to cross the parade route were already shut down. I half-expected this so I decided to cut through the avenues on my way to work when - I saw runners up ahead and the road (S. Temple) closed off to crossing traffic. I ended up backtracking and having to go entirely around the parade/marathon route in order to finally get to work. At least I left home 15 minutes earlier than usual. All of this could have been avoided if I had been thinking straight - but, the disturbance was nowhere near as bad as when President Bush overnighted in Salt Lake City last year.

I brought yogurt and a piece of fruit to work to eat for breakfast. I also had the presence of mind to grab a paring knife in order to quickly skin my peach here at work. I was halfway through peeling my peach when I though to myself: "How odd that this peach has no fuzz." It turns out that it was a nectarine. I don't mind eating the skins on nectarines (I know that some people do). I must be going crazy.

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