Thursday, July 05, 2007

HOT Rockin' 4th

I hope that everybody had a wonderful Independence Day. Alison, Ada and I sure did. I worked a few hours in the morning (in an attempt to make up for some of my lost hours from being sick last week) and then we all went on a hike. We had to first buy a baby backpack for Ada. We found one that seems to work pretty well for a decent price. Now the challenge will be to actually use it....

We hiked to Cecret Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It's up in Albion Basin (where a lot of Alta's best skiing is also located). The weather was a little cooler at that altitude and it was a beautiful day for a hike. One of the best parts of the hike was that Ada loved it. She enjoyed riding on my back, wearing me down and talking to us. She just loves to be outside I guess. It's been a long time since Alison and I have gone hiking and that was apparent as we made our final ascent to Cecret Lake. Here are a couple of photos from our hike. Does that backpack make me look fat?

After our hike we went to a bar-b-que at Alison's cousin's house in South Mountain. We didn't stay too late because Ada needed to be put to bed. We weren't planning on watching any fireworks but we could hear the ones from Rice-Eccles Stadium (after the Real Salt Lake game) so well that we had to step outside to see if we could see them. It just so happened that we had the best view of the fireworks from our front porch! They've had fireworks at the stadium before but I don't remember being able to see them so well. We could also see the fireworks at Sugarhouse Park and Franklin Covey Field (both through the trees). Ahhh, the perks of living on the East Bench.

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