Thursday, July 05, 2007

Real American Hero

This post is in response to my newest hero Joey Chestnut. As many of you already know, he beat Takeru Kobayashi in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest yesterday. He started on record pace, eating 11 dogs in the first minute and 20 in the first two minutes. It was a photo finish and I was as excited as I ever am when watching sports.

The good news is that I have made this contest available for download by clicking here. It's a big (50 MB) file and I think it's about 16 minutes overall. If you missed it yesterday, you won't want to miss it for another day. This video will only be available for 3 days so you best not delay.

If the Kentucky Derby is the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, then this is the most exciting 12 minutes in sports - I was falling out of my chair screaming so loud. I even ate Wienerschnitzel for lunch today to commemorate Mr. Chestnut's win.

Here is a youtube tribute video. The quality is poor but it does a nice job of putting my feelings into words. Long live Joey Chestnut. He is a true American Idol.


Ben said...

A few of my coworkers actually went to Coney island to witness this event first hand. They all agreed that the energy was like nothing they've ever seen. We were at the Yankee's game and the posted the end result on the scoreboard and the whole stadium cheered as it went up. I guess competitive eating might be the next big thing...
Check out this link for some world records. This was posted before Joey ate 66 in 12 minutes, so that record is out of date.

tysqui said...

Thanks Ben. That site is pretty cool. I can't imagine eating that much of anything like these competitive eaters do.