Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dog Lake

Alison, Ada and I went on another hike yesterday (we've turned into hikin' foo's!). I still worked a full day and then once I got home we headed up Mill Creek Canyon and attempted the hike to Dog Lake. The hike to the lake is 2.9 miles (up hill the whole way) and we only had 2 hours to hike. We set an alarm to go off after one hour and probably made it between 1.5 and 2 miles before we tried to sit and eat sandwiches before heading back to the car. I say that we tried to sit because the mosquitos, gnats, flies and horseflies were so bad (even though we were drenched in repellant) that we decided to eat and walk.

The best part about the hike was Ada. During the whole hike she was just talking and jabbering away. She must really like riding on my back because she always seems to really be enjoying herself. It's so fun to have her with us.

Mill Creek Canyon is the prettiest of all of the Salt Lake City Canyons. There are a lot more trees (hence the reason for all of the area's mills) and the canyon is more narrow than the cottonwood canyons. The downsides are that bikes and dogs are allowed on most trails and there is an exit fee to the canyon. The pine trees and aspens are so thick that is seems like you are actually in the Uintas and not only about 10 minutes from home.

Hopefully we'll have a lot more hike photos to show in the next few weeks. We know that Ada would like that.

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