Sunday, March 09, 2008

From Braggart to Begger

It's already apparent that I've become a weekend blogger. While this semester isn't killing me with difficulty, I've had a bunch of homework and time-consuming hud that I've had to do for my classes.

You remember how I was boasting about how nice our tax return is going to be this year? Well, I was asking for it but we had to take dear little Lurp (our '95 teal Geo Prism) into the shop and get the clutch replaced. I was a little disappointed with this because it wasn't too long ago that we had our clutch replaced. The last time was over Labor Day weekend 3 1/2 years ago. Alison, Rachelle and I were driving to Spokane, Washington to visit my sister Alysia and her husband. We had been driving for almost 12 hours and had just gotten off the interstate at their exit when the clutch went out. While we were disappointed that we had to pay for the expensive repairs we were extremely grateful that we didn't get stuck somewhere in remote Montana - not that there's anything wrong with Montana, but...

This time the car had been losing power in the lower gears for a couple of weeks. It was getting bad enough that I was trying to find alternate routes of going up the hill towards our apartment (because I would be driving at a crawl). We finally took it in and were once again met with the bad news. $875 later 'ol Lurp is good as new. Nonetheless, that cuts 12" off what plasma TV we can afford with our tax returns. Darn.


T.Irwin said...

I've had to replace the clutch before. My dad and I decided to "do the work ourselves" - which meant we checked a book out at the library and I handed my dad tools with unusual names. There were some choice words said a few times by both of us and tempers flared but it's funny now, so the memory was worth it. Sorry to hear that your tax return went to something like a car repair instead of something fun, like a new gaming system :D

Katey said...

That sucks.... but before you go and buy a plasma- we bought one and it didn't last 2 years. We went to buy another and the sales guy mention to us (now that ours is dead)... that they don't last more than 5 years. Sucks for the cost! Get a LCD. They have a life span of like 10-15 years. Just hate to have the same thing happen to you guys! ( Our neighbors only lasted 14 months. then they went and bought a second one... and 2 months later, it had lines in it!)Good luck with the job hunting! -Kate