Saturday, March 01, 2008

Temple Runaround

Our stake conference is this weekend and earlier in the week there was a coinciding temple night. Alison and I made some last minute plans to go to the chapel session and then the temple session afterwards. We got to the temple and went into the chapel and were surprised by how many people were there. We took our seats and waited for the meeting to start when we were told that the temple had made a scheduling mistake and scheduled two stakes for the same night. They informed us that we would hold our session in the baptistery chapel.

There were more of us than usual because our stake presidency is being released this weekend and we made quite the scene traipsing through the tunnels. Rather than walk straight through the temple to the baptistery we went down into the tunnels on the east and south sides of the temple. It was quickly apparent that the room was nowhere near big enough (it probably seats 25 people comfortably, we had more than 100). Eventually a decision was made that we would have to meet elsewhere.

The second counselor's wife in our stake presidency is the first counselor in the young women's general presidency (and our stake president's wife is on the general board) and they were able to work something out which allowed us to have our wonderful chapel session in the Church Relief Society Building. This led to another adventure because anybody that was dressed in white had to change and then we all walked through the tunnels once again from the temple to the Relief Society Building.

The original plans were to attend the 8:00 PM temple session but that's about what time the chapel session finally started at (and I had decided earlier that there was no way I would be able to stay awake for a whole session). It was fun to see parts of the temple/tunnels that we wouldn't normally see and it made the simple chapel session especially special. We're now looking forward to our stake conference with Elder Nelson.

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