Friday, October 20, 2006

New Mexico 34, Utah 31

I’ve been dreading writing about this last game. Utah was up 24-3 at one point. I smelled a blowout. New Mexico (props to them) never gave up and kept bringing it straight at the Utes. In my opinion, this game was lost by the defense. This is the 2nd game in as many weeks that the Utes have lost to a FRESHMAN quarterback. Oh dear... The offense looked awful in the second half, but they had built up a lead and the only thing that the defense needed to do was to hold them. They had made that part look easy during most of the first half.

Eric Weddle – As good as this kid is, he did not play well in this game. Last week after the Utes lost to Wyoming, he kind of railed against the offense, talking about how the defense had done their part but that the offense had failed to do theirs. He cannot say that now. He has been outstanding at cornerback for the most part but yesterday New Mexico took it to him in crossing routes and he was beaten time and time again. He gave up at least 2-40 yard pass plays a 30 yard pass play and a pass interference call on third and short. I’m not sure if he was giving them too much of a cushion or if he was playing them as tightly as he could and they were just that much faster.

Previously Utah had either shown up for the whole game or not shown up at all. Yesterday, they showed up for the first half but not for the second half. This is a problem that is much more grievous than the other. If they get beat in a game because they were outplayed the whole game then that’s one thing. If they have a huge lead and just need to hold it but let their guard down – then that really reflects on the coaching…

At least basketball starts in about 2 weeks!

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