Monday, October 23, 2006

Rose Bowl Photos

Ok, I finally got pictures from my parents of our little trip down to Las Angeles to watch the Utes take on the UCLA Bruins. All of these pictures were taken before the game - so we are all still happy...

This one is a picture of us all at the Dodger game. The Dodgers won - but I can't even remember who they played.

This picture is a picture of Kevin, Alysia and I eating a nice game-day breakfast at the Embassy Suites.
We had some extra time on Saturday before the game so we went to visit Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We stopped by the Las Angeles Temple on the way back to the game.

The picture on the right was taken at the Rose Bowl . They are building new locker rooms - hence the construction.

Another picture in front of the famed Rose Bowl sign.

This is us at the game in the middle of the Utah section (on the 63rd row!).

Here is a picture during the midst of the carnage/slaughter. The stadium wasn't packed but the fans gave UCLA everything they needed to walk over the Utes. Even though Utah lost, we had a blast at the beach and throughout LA.

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