Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Football is nigh upon us

Pretty much everybody knows that I love football and that I write about it here quite a bit. This year I'm introducing a new feature of Alison and Tyler's Pigskin Picks. I personally invite everybody else to weigh in with their predictions on the games of the week. Alison and I will have our picks up every Tuesday in order to give everybody enough time to voice their own picks. Note that every once in a while there might be a prize to whoever is closest. Here are this weeks games:

1. UNLV @ Utah State
Alison's Pick: UNLV 35, USU 14
Tyler's Pick: USU 21, UNLV 17 - This ones a risky pick. I'd like to see both teams do well. I guess that I'd more like to see the Aggies do well. This may very well be each teams best chance for a win.

2. Utah @ Oregon State
Alison's Pick: OSU 31, Utah 17
Tyler's Pick: OSU 24, Utah 21 - Don't get me wrong, I really, really want Utah to win. I'm just going to be a little more realistic this season. Last year I felt good about Utah's chances opening the season at UCLA. I was wrong to feel that way. This year, I realize that Oregon State has a lot more speed and skill than Utah. I really don't think that Utah is going to get blown out though. I think that with Johnson at the helm their offense will score, but the defense will prove to be too weak.

3. Arizona @ BYU
Alison's Pick: BYU 24, Arizona 21
Tyler's Pick: BYU 20, Arizona 14 - If Max Hall shows up BYU wins. If he doesn't, BYU loses 3-0.

4. #15 Tennessee @ #12 California
Alison's Pick: Tennessee 27, Cal 20
Tyler's Pick: Tennessee 34, Cal 24 - I'd love to pick Cal in this one. Unfortunately, Cal has a history of blowing important games (just in my memory - I have no facts to back that up with). Tennessee probably actually blows more games than Cal, but I think that Ainge is going to prove to be a pretty good quarterback this year. I think that they will finish ahead of Florida, but behind Georgi in the SEC.

OK. Now it's your turn to make your picks and tell me where you think I've gone wrong. I'll even make this easy for you. Just copy and paste the following into the comment box and then fill in your scores.

UNLV __ @ Utah State __
Utah __ @ Oregon State __
Arizona __ @ BYU __
Tennessee __ @ Cal __

** Update ** If this doesn't get you into the mood for football, nothing will.

"Coach, Wrong Ball"


Rachelle said...

UNLV 10 @ Utah State 17
Utah 14 @ Oregon State 27
Arizona 7 @ BYU 14

Jared Doot said...

Michigan: Infinity
Anyone Michigan Plays: 0

Alysia said...

The only game I really care about... UNLV 14 @ USU 16. We can always dream right?

Spencer said...

I feel bad for Brian Johnson. That dude was playing well before he went out. He has to be feeling absolutely terrible right now--he finally gets into a game after almost two years only to get hurt again in the second quarter! Sometimes the football gods can be brutal. The Utes were dealt some bitter blows last night. Asiata goes out and then Johnson. Brutal.