Sunday, August 05, 2007


Ada was just awful today. It's days like today that allow me to appreciate my job and that give me a greater respect for Alison staying home all day with Ada - every day. I really don't think that I could do it. As she mentioned on her blog, we went boating yesterday at Echo Reservoir with my family. I really like boating and swimming. Yesterday was a good day because I got to ski, wakeboard, knee board and tube. Granted, I am sore today (not nearly as sore as Alison) but after the butt massage Alison just gave me, I feel pretty good...

On the drive home, Ada was simply inconsolable. She cried the whole drive. She has been throwing little tantrums the last few days and hasn't been eating well either. It's so hard to know whether or not she is sick or just angry because she is a child with a lot of anger. Around Park City on the drive home, Alison wondered aloud whether "that smell" was Ada or some cows. I couldn't actually smell it so I offered no answer to her musings. As we descended Parley's Canyon, Ada continued to cry and we tried everything that we could to console her. Driving along Foothill Drive and nearing our apartment we looked back at Ada (who was still riding in her forward-facing car seat) and she had her left leg pulled up to her face. She was only wearing her swimsuit and a swim diaper and under her leg poop was slowly oozing out onto herself and the car seat. We immediately knew what that nasty smell was. We were less than a mile from home but our fear now was that she would get her hand in it and begin playing in it. Luckily for us, these fears were unfounded because Ada was just enjoying the relieved pressure from her bottom. I carried her into the house (still in her car seat) and we got her (and her seat) all cleaned up. At least neither of us were alone when this happened. That would have been a struggle.

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Sandy said...

It was great seeing you all!
I especially love the story about Ada! LOL!