Thursday, August 23, 2007

Props to the Chef

Alison and I went to Lugano restaurant tonight for our anniversary and my birthday. Lugano is located on 23rd East just south of 33rd South. It's probably the nicest restaurant that we've been to since our 1st anniversary three years ago when we dined at The Roof (although my meal was only $15 and Alison's was $14). You know you're at a nice restaurant when the wine list is 3.5 pages long and the most expensive wine is almost $350. After dining at Lugano, I've got to recommend it to anybody looking for fine Italian food in Salt Lake City. I got Fettuccini with Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, red onion, baby spinach & tomato cream sauce. It ranks up there with the best meals that I've ever had. Alison got Pizza Margherita and enjoyed it as well.

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tysqui said...

Oh yeah, and the lemonade was almost worth a visit itself.