Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Four Corners

The day after visiting Mesa Verde had a lot of driving. We had to drive from Cortez, CO to Moab, UT but there were a few places that we wanted to stop on the way. The first stop was at Four Corners Monument in the heart of Navajo country (or Navajoland as they seem to prefer). How many of you have been in 4 states at one time. Now Ada can say that she has (proven by the picture in the slide show below).

After Four Corners, we made the drive to Monument Valley - for nothing else than a photograph. We stopped in Mexican Hat for a couple of gallons of gas (it was $3.40/gal) and then we went to Goosenecks of the San Juan State Park. After that we continued our drive north stopping in Blanding for lunch and letting Ada play in a little playground. We stopped and took a couple of pictures in front of the Monticello Temple and once again let Ada crawl around on the grass.

A few miles north of Monticello we turned off to take a short (12 mile) drive to see Newspaper Rock. The last stop (before Moab) was at the infamous Hole n"the Rock. This is a house that a guy built in the sandstone. We didn't tour the house but we did walk through the petting zoo and let Ada chase a few rabbits. She loves animals, what can we say?

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