Thursday, January 03, 2008

Caucus Watch

I'm very interested in the Iowa Caucuses this year(beginning in less than 10 minutes). It has been a really long time since the race has been this wide open (i.e. no President seeking reelection, No Vice President seeking the nomination). While I like how involved many of the people in Iowa are, I don't like that one state (two if you include New Hampshire) shapes the Presidential election more than any other. While winning Iowa doesn't guarantee the nomination (see Howard Dean) the boost received in the national polls and spotlight after winning such a state is priceless for candidates with lesser known profiles (the reason Romney and Huckabee have focused so strongly on Iowa).

I won't tell you who I'm pulling for (because I'm not entirely sure myself) but I hope that Iowa starts a trend of increased voter participation throughout the primary season. May the best candidate win (excepting Hilary, of course)!

**Update** It looks like congratulations are in order for Huckabee and Obama. Now onto New Hampshire!


Rummage said...

I have also been following the primaries closely and was shocked by today's outcome in NH. I am so upset that Hilary got all those sympathy votes. Those 'tears' were another strategic move.

When I first heard she broke down at an event, I felt sympathic toward her. It was a long week, the candidates had crazy schedules, and she had just be victimized by the Obama revolution. Once I actually saw the 'break down' I was outraged.
There were no tears!

It made me so angry to hear the media blow that way out of proportion. Then they get these 'experts' on to tell us that this is the real Hilary Clinton and they were just waiting for her to show her true emotions.

Gag me with a spoon.

Maybe its all the testimony meetings I have sat through, but I believe I can tell when someone is faking emotion. Believe me, Hilary was definitely faking it.

tysqui said...

I've got to agree. I saw a clip of her "emotional breakdown" and I sat back wondering what all the fuss was about. It was forced - and now anytime she's behind in the polls she's going to start crying. Is that what we want in a President?

sdande said...

Living in Iowa, these people take it pretty seriously, and they love how important they are in the election process. Unfortunately, it seems there are too many evangelicals applying a religous test here...and a small sadistic part of me is happy to see Huckabee lose in those other states...