Thursday, January 17, 2008

Round 2

I interviewed again last Friday with my current company. It was a really interesting interview. It was set up by my bosses boss and there were 6 guys in the room from all different parts of the company. Between them all, they interviewed me and another intern for 8 or 9 different openings. After the interviews, they asked us to rank the jobs in our order of preference. While I haven't received an official offer yet, I was told today that I would be getting an offer for the job that I ranked the highest.

This intensifies my search for a job. I've applied a handful of other places and interviewed with a few (none recently). I'd like to have a few offers from which to choose - but that requires work (and a bit of luck). Now I appeal to you, gentle readers, if anybody knows of anyone hiring entry level (or Master's level) electrical engineers and could give me a referral, then I would be much obliged.


Anna said...

I don't know about needing engineers, but Red Butte could sure use a better janitor. Something to fall back on :-)

Anna said...

P.S. I couldn't actually remember the word for janitor so I had to ask a co-worker what you call "those people" that take the garbage and vacuum and restock the toilet paper. Sheesh. Thank goodness it's a three day weekend.

Taylor said...

Forget about a job! School is where it's at! Just change your academic focus to law or business and voila! Job seeking delayed for at least two more years!

P.S. Having been a janitor for about a year and a half, I'm insulted that you (Anna) could forget the name of such a necessary profession! Of course in General Conference, everyone involved is thanked routinely except the janitors... Maybe it's not just you. In fact, that puts you in pretty good company, doesn't it?