Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I gave blood today. I don't mind donating, but there was a bit of a problem this time. The blood drive was at work and I went down in the afternoon. I read through the book, answered the questions, got my finger pricked and was ready to donate. The girl that was going to draw my blood cleaned my arm, and prepared the site before giving me a poke. As far as I could tell, everything went fine - until another worker jumped up and grabbed my blood bag and held it up (to keep blood from entering the bag). Apparently, the tube has to be clamped when the needle is inserted into the body. The girl had forgotten to clamp it and they had to now draw my blood from my opposite arm. If the blood had made it into the collection bag, then I would not have been allowed to donate at all. I didn't mind getting poked on both sides (the second draw was done by another guy), I just relaxed in the chair reading my book (War and Peace for those interested - I don't normally get to read much at work) and squeezing my fist. The poor girl that messed up though was pretty distraught and felt really bad. And she should.

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Neal Peterson said...

Last time I gave blood they stuck me but blood didn't flow really well so they moved the needle around inside. They even told me to stop making fists because I was pushing the needle out of the vein. Halfway through the blood stopped coming out. They tried to move the needle some more but then said they needed to do the other arm - but I had had enough. You are generous to let them have the other arm.