Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Last Hurrah

Anybody who is anyone already knows that I'm in my last semester here at school (because I certainly mention here enough). School started this last Monday and I've already made it through one week. I thought that I could get by only taking 2 classes, but I found out that my plans for taking a few credits of faculty consultation (for a research project) weren't going to work out. My schedule doesn't look too bad. Here's a quick preview:

ECE 3510 - Introduction to Feedback Systems - This is my last undergraduate class. I put it off for 2 years and now I've got to pay my dues. I'm not all that excited for this class (otherwise I would have taken it 2 years ago), but I don't expect it to be too hard. It unfortunately meets 4 times a week, it has a lab :( and homework due a few times a week.

ECE 6324 - Antenna Theory & Design - This class is taught by an old guy that has a knack for confusing classrooms of students. It also has homework due three times a week. The material will be somewhat tough, but I'm looking forward to getting into this stuff (this is the class that I added on Monday).

CVEEN 5730 - Survey of Nuclear Power - This class shouldn't be difficult at all, but I'm looking forward to talking a bit about the different nuclear power plants and uses of nuclear energy throughout the United States and the world.

This semester should still be my easiest yet. I'm looking forward to getting a consistent 20 hours a week in at work and hopefully having the evenings free to spend with Alison and Ada. I can't wait for spring break!


Sam said...

You are almost there. That is awesome. I guess that gives me so hope that at some day I can finish too. Good luck with the semester.

Rachelle said...

Well sweet jiblets!!!

sdande said...

Way to go friend! Being in a last semester sounds so amazingly great right now....