Sunday, November 26, 2006

BYU 33, Utah 31

And what a game it was. Yesterday's game was certainly the most exciting game that I have ever been to (The "funnest game" still remains the 2004 Fiesta Bowl where utah beat Pitt 35-7). The game came down to the last play like few ever do.

Before each home game the MUSS is fed by Red Robin. This game was no exception. To get your food though, you must show your ticket. I couldn't find my ticket so I showed an old one. Then waiting in line for my food I was searching frantically for my ticket but it was gone. I called Alison and had her look around the house and outside around the apartment but it wasn't there either. I knew that I had had it in my pocket so I figured that it must have fallen out. I was planning on just going home to watch the game (darn it) when my neighbor/friend (who sits next to me) called and asked what seat I sat in. He had found my ticket while he was walking down to the game 20-30 minutes after I had. Talk about lucky. I had hoped that this luck would pan out on the field.

BYU started the game on a roar scoring a touchdown easily on their first two drives. It looked like this game was going to be a major blowout for BYU. Utah struggled moving the ball until they were forced to punt near midfield and Utah faked it and Louie Sakoda ran 18 yards for a first down. This swung the momentum Utah's way and they scored the next 24 points and gave Utah a 10 point lead.

BYU fought back, of course, and they traded touchdowns with Utah scoring their last with 79 seconds left to play. This was still too much time for BYU as they were able to march down the field and score with 3 seconds left in the game. here is the final play:

Video: Utah vs. BYU 2006

I was sitting in the MUSS (Mighty Utah Student Section) and we were going crazy when it was looking like Utah was going to win. Utah outgained and outplayed BYU and BYU was lucky to be in the position where a touchdown could win it at the end. Almost all of the stats were in Utah's favor, but BYU was just that much better.

I got to watch most of the second quarter from the field because I was a part of a Chevron gas-giveaway challenge. We stood on about the 20 yard line and cheered on colored race cars as they raced around a track on the big screen. I was the white car (of course the red car won), but it was fun to be down on the field for the big game.

Normally I have been placing the winning team's logo at the top of the post, but I have chosen not to defame my blog with the TDS logo ;). I can't wait until next year!

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jwhinham said...

I am so sorry Tyler, but don't be too sad, at least you have basketball to look forward to. What is the Utes record now? 1-3. Well look at the bright side, you should have a lot more time for studying, because there isn't much worth paying attention too on the hill.