Saturday, November 04, 2006

Semester Update

Now that the semester is more than halfway over (yippee!) I just thought I run through an update of my semester.

ECE 5320 - Microwave Engineering I
This class is going pretty well. I have yet to lose a point on any of the homework (I wouldn't be surprised if I were the only on in the class to do so) and I have been around average on the one test that we have taken. We have had labs every week since the beginning of October and lab reports due the following week. My lab reports have been around 9-15 pages each week (with lots of diagrams) so I spend a lot of time on those.

ECE 5201 - Semiconductor Physics I
This class is going pretty well also. I was a little below average on the test, the homework has been hard but I really enjoy the labs. The lars are taught in the microfab where we have been making some diodes, MOSFETs, BJTs, resistors and capacitors on a silicon wafer. We are almost done with the processing of these wafers.

BIOEN 1101 - Bioengineering I
This class has been easy. I rarely go to class and have yet to study but I have been doing fine on the tests. The lab is simple as well. Nice class to take...

I also spend a bit of time each week working on my Sr. Project. We have made some really good progress on that lately. I also have been testing and simulating a microchip for an EKG heart sensor that I designed last semester. The testing isn't going as well as I had hoped but I still think that I can get it working.

Just a little over one month left before finals. I actually have to register tomorrow so I need to decide what classes to take. Boy does the time fly :).

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