Sunday, November 12, 2006

Utah 35, CSU 22

Utah played CSU yesterday at Rice-Eccles Stadium. It was a cold and rainy game, but luckily for us there was no snow. Utah started out quick in this game building up a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. CSU almost caught up with the Utes but they were able to keep them at bay and pull away in the end. The surprise in this game had to have been the offense.

For the first time all season, Utah seemed to pull out all the stops and then play an exciting offensive game. They faked a punt, Eric Weddle ran plays from the quarterback position more than ever (and he completed a pass) and the Utes threw a few trick plays into the mix - including a sweet triple-reverse.

I will be honest, I still don't know how good (or how bad) they are. On the Utes are ranked the 80th team out of 119. i don't think that they are quite that bad, but who am I to say. These next 2 weeks should both be exciting.


Anonymous said...

Those rankings are not very accurate in my opinion. They have Boise State at 26...and BYU and 20th? You know I like BYU a lot, but when does a 2 loss team deserve to be ranked higher than an undefeated team?


sdande said...

I do not think those rankings are very accurate. For example, Boise State is ranked 26th and BYU is 20th. You know I like BYU, but when does a 2 loss team from the Mountain West deserve to be ahead of an undefeated team from the wac?