Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy 1/3rd Birthday Ada!

Hooray! It's Ada's 1/3rd birthday. It's even more special to me because it's also my 25 1/4th birthday. What could be more exciting. We've been partying all day long. Ada's growing every day and is just getting cuter and cuter. She had her first solid food today. A delectable dish of Gerber rice cereal - plain. It didn't look all that great to me and by the faces she was making it wasn't all that great for her either. It was fun and it will be fun to introduce her to more and more foods as time goes on.

In celebration of Ada's birthday I have included some of my favorite pictures of her from the month of November. As always you can see more pictures of her on our space at (Click on the picture to see a larger view).

This is a picture from today. I am feeding Ada her first taste of rice cereal. You can tell from her face that she is unsure whether or not she likes it. I'm sure it's an acquired taste...

When I sit at the computer doing homework, Ada will just lie on the ground and stare at me for long periods of time. It is the cutest.

This is just a picture of me holding Ada.

This is a really cute picture of Ada sucking her hand and holding up her skirt for everybody to see. We'll obviuosly have to teach her how to be an appropriate lady.

Here is Ada in a cute little pink dress.

This is a picture of me with (from the left) Shelby (~21 months old), Sophie (1 month old) and Ada ( ~3.5 months old).

Ada just recently started using her bouncer. She'll like it for a little bit, but she hasn't really learned how to 'bounce' properly in it yet. She's still learning.

She's even got a cute little clean butt - when its clean. This little baby sure has a good life.

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