Monday, January 22, 2007

5 Weeks and counting...

As many of you know, my younger brother Jordan is serving an LDS mission in Jacksonville, Florida. He is set to return home 5 weeks from tomorrow (see the countdown timer here). He was an AP for quite a while but recently he was transferred to Lake City, FL - where he will finish his mission. He seems to be having success. For example, here is a quote from his letter home today:

We had quite a few people to visit with and follow up with on Thursday. But the coolest day was definitely Friday. We had a bunch of things planned for the day and it all fell through, we had some backup plans and they also fell through. Because of some random turn of events we found ourselves in this neighborhood and decided we would tract. It turned out to be the best tracting on my mission. We knocked on 8 door and there were people home at 7 of them (amazing in itself). Of those 7 people we taught 6 of them the first lesson and got return appointments. It was amazing! We were definitly in the right place at the right time with people who had been prepared.

You can read any of his letters on his blog at

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