Monday, January 08, 2007

Dear Urban:

Dear Urban,

I know that I should hate you. You were my coach, and I remember you telling me time and time again that you were a Utah man. I remember how you would go off about how it didn't matter whether or not you wanted to leave because your wife Shelley wouldn't let you because she loved it here so much. But the truth is, I don't hate you. I can't hate you. Although you left us high and dry everybody knew it was coming anyway. Most don't admit to that, but deep down, everybody knew that you would leave us.

Now that you've been gone for two years we still want to see you succeed. We all knew that you could beat the Buckeyes. You have proven time and time again that if you are given more than one week to prepare for an opponent, that opponent has no chance against your team. The Florida Gators played an awesome game. They handled Ohio State more easily than most teams handled their NCAA Division II opponents this year. Congratulations on winning the BCS National Championship. Don't forget about us mid-majors. Without us you wouldn't be where you are today. Please keep pulling for a playoff for us. It's the only way we may ever have a fair chance to win a title.

Most of us Utah fans want you to succeed. I think that we also want you to give Florida the shaft like you gave it to us. That would at least give me some satisfaction. With that said, I'll see you in the NFL next year and congratulations on your Superbowl win in 2009!

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Sabrina said...

Amen, brother! You can't hate Urban. He is an insanely good coach!