Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't know Giac! (don't want Giac...)

Utah was embarrassed by BYU today, losing 76-66 at home. It's the first time that BYU has beaten Utah at home since 1994. Now, I've got to be honest, I didn't expect Utah to win - but I certainly hoped that they would. I did expect a close game, but this one really wasn't.

Utah had so many problems this game. The whole team just looked awful and there were very few bright spots. All of the problems that I saw tonight can be attributed to coaching. I have been slow to criticize Coach Giacoletti, but I'm not holding back anymore. We should be seeing improvements by this point in the season but Utah looked worse tonight than early in the season.

They couldn't run an offensive play, their defense got tangled up in the key, yet they gave up quite a few rebounds that should have been theirs and they couldn't defend the 3-point line. There were a lot of other problems as well. I've been arguing that Giac deserves another year, but I think that I am rescinding that statement. Maybe bring Kerry Rupp back?

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Sabrina said...

I want Kerry Rupp back too. He was my high school's bball coach. I think he did a great job there and as interim coach at the U. This year's bball season has just been all around depressing. I found myself not caring who would win last night.