Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Best 12-Loss Team in the Nation!

Utah is without a doubt, the best 12-loss team in the nation. I know that is a really bold statement to make but let me back it up with some facts.

First off though, congratulations are in order for the Utes knocking off the 11th/13th ranked team in the nation, the team that was tied for the longest winning streak in the nation, the team that beat Colorado by 38, Waake Forest by 36 and Stanford by 34 - aka Air Force. It was a heck of a game. Utah did try and give the game away - that's the only thing they are truly good at this year but, They also shot 71% from the floor. This negated the costly turnovers at the end of the game. Now if only the students wouldn't have 'stormed the court' because I think that is retarded - especially when it is only your 6th win out of 18 games and there are only 200 students there. What dorks...

Now back to the best 12-loss team in the nation. First off, lets take a look at who they are up against for this coveted award.

Maryland-Baltimore County
New Hampshire
St. Bonaventure
Kennesaw State
Sacramento State
Virginia Military
James Madison
Cleveland State
Ball State
Northern Illinois
Mount St Mary's
Southeast Missouri State
Texas-San Antonio
Alabama State
Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Loyola Marymount
Louisiana Tech

That's pretty impressive company. Only 22 conferences even have a teams with 12 or more losses. Utah is taking the MWC to a whole notha' level. Of the 12-loss teams mentioned above, 9 have more wins than Utah. This is obviously because they have played more games.

Utah has three impressive wins. The first came against a previously undefeated Washington State. Even now they are the #21 team in the coaches poll. Their second (and most dominant) came against Virginia who has beaten Arizona, Gonzaga and Maryland. Utah's most impressive win came last night against Air Force. Air Force is one of the hottest teams in the country and before last night, their only loss had come at Duke.

Only four of Utah's twelve losses have come by more than 4 points (One by 6, one by 9, one by 16 and one by, ahem, 33). This is the stat that leads me to belive that they are the best 12-loss team in the country. Utah's lone 4 point loss came in overtime. All of the other 7 losses were by one possession or less. Unbelieveable. It may just be that Coach Giacoletti doesn't have any luck. Urban Meyer has luck (and now a ring). Coach Giacoletti needs to talk to him.

Therefore, unless anybody can shoot me down then I will continue to yell: We're number 268! We're number 268! (They're only that high because I'm assuming that they are better than 3 11-loss teams as well - Maybe that's cheating...).


Dad said...

Good grief, give the kids a break. I understand the university kind of encouraged them to take to the floor. While it is weak to storm the floor when you have 12 losses, nevertheless, this is a group of students that hasn't had a lot to cheer about this year. The other way to look at this is there are only around 200 students who go to the games so let the diehards have their fun.

tysqui said...

Yeah, maybe I was alittle hard on the students - but I'd reserve rushing the court for conference championships and national championships (and anytime you beat BYU when they are in the top 25!).