Sunday, January 25, 2015

The House - Week 10

Week 10 - December 29, 2014

This week was frigid.  I visited the site one day when it was about 15 degrees and the framers were there working exposed in the cold.  No fun (but who am I kidding, I'm glad they were there...).

This is a view from the master bedroom looking into the bathroom, then the closet beyond.

The platforms are for the front stairway to the 2nd floor.

The view, looking north, from our deck.

Looking toward the house from the northeast.

More wood.  Every day or two a truckload of wood arrives on site.

Of course we visited the house on New Year's Day.  This is a view looking north from the top of the main stair.

Ada is making her way up to check out the view.

The main stairs.  Looking from the front entryway.

Making preparations to start hanging the 2nd floor joists/TJIs.

They started framing the garages.  You can also see the TJIs that were delivered.

Another view of the main stairs.  In the background they're hanging the mounting brackets for the joists.

The rock wall along the front of the house.  Note that good-looking car.

From the front.  You can see the garage walls on the right.

Two framers worked all day on Saturday and hung most of the 2nd floor joists on their own.  View from the kitchen.

Looking back towards the kitchen.

Ada popping her head up from the back stairway.

Ada popping her head up from the front stairway.

Next week: More framing on the 2nd floor!

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