Monday, January 19, 2015

The House - Week 7

Week 7 - December 8, 2014

Framing started this week, but we also left to go out of town, so we were bummed to be missing some of the most exciting parts of construction thus far.

A load of wood was dropped off down in the backyard and the framers started by framing the back basement wall.

Pre-cast concrete slabs were installed for the garages.  These slabs are hollow and around 10" thick and were lifted by a crane into place.  The joints were sealed, eventually a 4" topping slab of concrete will be poured over the top of the pre-cast panels.

Another view of the garage floor.

This is the space under the third car garage.  It is not accessible from inside the house and will be used to store lawn equipment, garden tools, etc.  It' will be the perfect place for homeless squatters.

This is the space under the two car garage.  We still have no idea what we'll use this space for.  The girls want to go skating or scootering in here.  Ada has also asked for a climbing wall.  I'm thinking that it should be an arcade.

Our first look at the back walls.

Another view.  We were blessed with excellent weather for the first couple of weeks of December.  I'm sure it helped the framing to move along more quickly than usual during this time of the year.

The view from above.

The night after we took these pictures we left to Disneyworld. Next week, the first floor joists get set.

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