Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The House - Week 8

Week 8 - December 15, 2014

We were excited to come home from our vacation to see how far things had come on our house.  We arrived far too late to visit after our flight landed, so we had to stop by the following day.

The biggest change was that the first floor was about 80% completed.

The big hole is above the theater room (or football room as we like to call it) in the basement.  They were waiting for two steel beams to support the floor joists.

Stairs.  Alison was really excited that we had stairs.

The basement.  Most interior walls are in place.

I'm sure I mentioned that we didn't originally expect to have much of a backyard, but now our backyard is too big.  I hope Alison is planning on mowing the lawn... #firstworldproblems

Once the main floor was in place, more walls started to appear.

Also, we got estimates for the rock retaining walls around the house.  They came back quite a bit more than we had budgeted, but we didn't have too many options.  Those rocks are pricy!

The wall on the right in the picture below is framed out of an engineered multi-layered stud due to its height.

They started with the most difficult walls first. I would like to have seen how they stood those walls up.  You'll also notice that the 4" topping slab was poured in our garage while we were away.

This is a view of the rock retaining wall to the north of our house.  The rocks at the bottom of that wall are humongous.

From the front.

More walls, every day.

Looking from the south, to the north.

You can see both of the steel beams that were added in the basement, which allowed the framers to finish laying the main floor.

From the back.  A few big windows.

Ada walking the plank.

Lastly, a thrilling video of a dump truck dumping a load of rocks.

Next week: Snow, Christmas and more walls!

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Randy Egbert said...

It still amazes me how much rocks are. When my mom landscaped the house on gentile street. It was $10k. Ouch. I love the updates to your home. I'm super jealous. ;) - Jenna