Saturday, January 10, 2015

The House - Week 2

Week 2 - November 3, 2014

This whole week was spent bringing in engineered fill and slowly bringing our hole down to virgin soil back up to the elevation we needed for our footings.

You can see the sprinklers on the fill dirt, making it moist and easily compactable.

The tracks at the bottom were made by the compactor that the excavator was using.  They would move that thing around with their track hoe like it was nothing.

Have you ever seen sprinklers in action? No? Well here is a video of sprinklers in action.

Two days later.  Still backfilling and compacting.

The next day. Starting to level things out.

They backfilled the hole in two sections.  This is a video of them backfilling the second section (and if you listen closely you can hear me discussing sewage ejection pumps with our contractor. Yes, unfortunately we'll have one, but luckily we won't need the grinder pump that he is talking about.).

Final grading.

Next week, we'll get into something a little more concrete and tangible...

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squiute said...

You will enjoy having this to refresh your memory when you get old and feeble like your daddy.