Saturday, January 17, 2015

The House - Week 5

Week 5 - November 24, 2014

The first order of business this week was to start backfilling the excavation around the foundation walls at the front of the house.

Our water service comes into the house in the SW corner.  This surprised me as the water comes from the street, but it is because there is a T in the line, with one side going to feed our future splash pad and the other side of the line goes into the house.

Once again, the backfill was compacted every foot or two.

Gravel was brought into the basement.

On Thanksgiving I brought the whole family up to the house.  The girls generally aren't too interested in "going to the lot," so we only drag them up here every few weeks.

The underslab plumbing was all completed.  Unfortunately, we are going to have a sewer ejection pump for the sewer lines in our basement.  The rest of the house will tie directly into the incoming sewer line.

Luckily, we don't have too much sewer needs in the basement.  Here is rough-in for a basement bathroom (toilet, sink & tub).

Looking north.

This is why a sewage ejection pump is needed.  That pipe, about 8' above the ground, is the incoming sewer main.

Lyla walking the footings.

Kate checking out the cold storage room.

Ada sneaking around.

This is on the north side of the basement.  There is a drain in a furnace room and a sink that needed to be plumbed.

If you look closely along the stepped foundation wall, you can see the conduit for our electrical service in place.

From the front.

Those aren't our trees, probably the neighbors.

On black Friday more gravel was brought into the basement garage in preparation for the basement slab.

Insulation was placed around the short foundation walls at the back of the house.

Next week: Pouring the basement slab.

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