Sunday, January 18, 2015

The House - Week 6

Week 6 - December 1, 2014

The big thing this week was the pouring of the basement slab.  But first, we needed a lot more gravel.

All of the space within the footings was filled with gravel.

These two pretty girls came to admire the rocks.

The sump pump and floor drain.


Somebody left a present at the back of this room... For all I know that turd has been cemented in place for perpetuity.

The view from the back.

The concrete pump set up shop down in the back of the house.  There was a big crew there working to pour the basement slab.  They had it all poured in just a couple of hours.

The poured slab in the basement garage space.

Looking into the excavated space under the two car garage.

An action shot.

The pump and a concrete truck making its way down the hill.

I was surprised that they decided to pump from the backyard and not from the street.  I was nervous for the fully-loaded cement trucks having to drive down the dirt path.  In the video below, one of the cement trucks was starting to drive towards the dirt path and his wheels got locked up as he drove across Parkway drive. This caused the truck to lift up onto it's right wheels.  I was afraid it would tip, but luckily it didn't.

Here is a view of the concrete pumping in action.

These pictures are from a few days after the pour.  The slab has had a couple of days to cure.

The view of the basement from the backyard.


You can't really see the basement slab, but this is the view from the future driveway of the two car garage.

The view of the driveway to the third car garage.

Next week framing commences and the suspended slabs for the garages are placed.

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