Sunday, February 01, 2015

The House - Week 12

Week 12 - January 12, 2015

The big story this week was the trusses.  This house is finally starting to look like a house (I'm not sure what it looked like before...).

This was the view that greeted me as I drove up the road at about 5:00 PM.  It was a busy day at work and I wasn't able to break away any sooner.

Alison had been up earlier in the day (around 2:00 PM) and they were just getting started.  At that time, none of the trusses had actually been hung.  So in about 3 1/2 hours, they were able to get all of our trusses mounted.

Straight ahead in this picture is the bonus room above the garage which was framed by trusses.

The last area of the house to get trussed was the master bedroom/bathroom area.

Hanging 3 trusses at a time.

Our neighbors one house to the south started excavating this week (I think it will be the Ultrilla family whose house was destroyed by the landslide). I'm standing on the corner of their lot to take this picture.

Flying trusses.

That is Lyla's window. Looking up a the trusses, you'll notice one is broken, which is not a big deal as plywood sheathing will be placed on all of the end trusses.

Also this week the rock wall construction continued.  This is once again along the north side of our house looking towards the backyard (you can see the edge of our neighbor's pool).

Adding the sheathing to the end trusses is easier on the ground than once the trusses are mounted vertically.

The trusses in the family room are hung on a beam over the entryway.

Little trusses.

The crane picking up a new load.

Hanging the trusses. The view from the upstairs.  You can also see the beam for the family room trusses.

The view from the upstairs towards the den.  Apparently we have a vaulted ceiling in the den/office...

It looks like a house.

Here are two videos of the trusses going up:

These next pictures are from two days later.

Adding sheathing for the roof.

Also, I had no idea that our 3rd car garage would have such a large door and high ceiling.  I guess we'll have to get a boat or an RV...

Looking towards our neighbors house to the south.  They are pumping for their foundation walls.

From inside the garage.

Looking up at the main beam for the trusses above the entry.  On one side are the trusses, on the other side the roof framing has been completed with 2x10s.

In the master bedroom looking towards the bathroom/closet.

The breakfast nook window.  Now that we will have a breakfast nook, I'm expecting Alison to make me breakfast.


From the front.

One last shot for the week.

Next week: Windows!

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squiute said...

Don't worry, there is already a boat that can use that wonderful space.

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