Saturday, February 21, 2015

Washington DC to Yorktown (Day 5)

First thing this morning I took a walk to find some breakfast.  I made my way to a McDonald's and brought food back for the girls.

Once we were ready and had loaded the car, we walked to the metro, passing through George Washington University.  Excuse me, passing through THE George Washington University.

Our first stop today was at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  We didn't have much time, so we just hit the highlights.  Here are the girls in front of the Hope Diamond.

We saw lots of spiders, insects and small reptiles.

Unfortunately, the big fossil hall is closed for renovations for 5 years. There are some skeletons in a small exhibit gallery. I think that is some sort of whale above.

Ada and her skeleton friend.

In front of the African Elephant in the Main Rotunda.

Kate doing the hippo.

Ada's version of the hippo.

That concluded our whirlwind tour of the museum.  We had to book it from the museum to make it to the White House, where we had scheduled a tour.

One last picture in front of the Washington Monument.

I was afraid that we would be late, but we made it in plenty of time to wait in line near the William Tecumseh Sherman Monument.  Strollers weren't allowed in the White House, so I took my chances and hid the stroller under a street vendors truck.  That's not suspicious, right?

We couldn't take photographs inside the White House, so here is a virtual tour that you can peruse.  All of our photos were taken after we exited through the front door.

Me and the girls.

Alison, Ada and Kate.

Selfie time.

It started to rain a bit as we were exiting the White House.  Alison and the girls took cover in front of the PNC Bank building (can you find them?), while I ran to see if our stroller was still in place in my special hiding place (ps. it was).

We returned to the Georgetown Westin to pick up the car.  It was pouring rain when we exited the metro, so I ran to pick up the car and then picked up the girls at the Metro Station.

The drive to Yorktown, Virginia was pretty uneventful, except for when Lyla threw up a little bit on herself... It was just a swallow or two of some clearish liquid, the poor girl was a little embarrassed, her first words were "Excuse me."  We got her all cleaned up, grabbed some Subway and kept on our way.

The drive took us about 3 1/2 hours and we made it to Emily's house in Yorktown that evening.  Ivie was about 1 month old and we were all excited to meet her.

Kate with Ivie.

We were excited to spend the next few days with Emily and her kids.  Her husband was deployed overseas a few weeks before the baby came, so she was taking care of the new baby and three other kids on her own.  We thought that we would be there to help out a bit, but that was not the case as she had everything under control.  We probably disrupted her schedule more than anything, but we sure loved being there.

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