Sunday, February 22, 2015

The House - Week 17

Week 17 - February 16, 2015

This week was spent in earnest on the exterior of the house.

First step is to wrap the building with a vapor barrier and to get the soffit and fascia installed.

The roof edges from Ada's window.

It was a lovely morning. I decided to take a jaunt up onto the roof.  This is looking along the peak of the roof to the south.

Interesting shingles, eh?

Wrapping the back of the house.  I count seven ladders.

The south wall of the house.

From the front.

The space at the bottom will be filled with rock.

I like that the house has a fairly small profile from the front.

We also started getting the low-voltage cabling installed. This includes CAT6, CAT5e, RG6 (cable TV), twisted pair and speaker wiring throughout the house.

Adding the soffit to the underside of the deck.

The back is wrapped.

Another view.

Low-voltage cabling pulled to Kate's room.

This is looking our of Kate's window towards the south.

From Kate's window looking north.

Low-voltage cabling in the TV room.

Looking at the toy room/bonus room ceiling.

The soffit and fascia is pretty well completed near the garage.

Progress at the front of the room.

The Hardie board siding and board and batten is completed on the side of the garage.

Another view.  Attic vents are also added.

Rough-in for the garage door opener.

Soffit above the deck.

Low-voltage cabling for the family room tv and speakers.

Most of the low-voltage cables for the top two floors comes up near the fireplace. You can see the large bundle of cables between the studs.

We also had the 4-way inspection this week.  A few things that were noted: Adding backing for where the railing mounts to the wall.

More backing for the railing.

The upstairs bathtub. A small buildout was added behind the tub.

The view from the master bedroom window looking south.  Our next-door neighbors are working on compacting the dirt in preparation for footings.  While next to them the house is well underway with framing.

This box is above the entry to the master shower for a heat lamp.  The orange cabling behind the box routed in the attic space is for the solar photovoltaic system.

Hardie board siding going up in the back.

Another view.

The low-voltage cabling is nearly completed.  We have almost 3 miles of cabling in the house.

The electrical service entrance in the house, including the orange solar PV conductors.

We bought a bunch of our light fixtures this week.  We purchased two fixtures to be mounted over the sinks in the master bathroom, but our plans only showed electrical connections for one. This picture was to remind me to have our electrical contractor rough-in for another fixture.

Caution: Solar Circuit.

These are decorative gable elements that will be added near the square windows at the front of the house.

The electrical service. The two boxes to the left are for the solar PV system.

A view from the SE corner.

Another view of the low-voltage cables coming up from the basement.

The building inspector's notes from the 4-way.

Page 2 of 2.

The last two pictures are additional progress on the exterior Hardie board installation. nearly complete on the south side.

Nearly complete as well on the back.

The week I think we'll see the PV panels installed and the insulation installed once the 4-way inspection items have been addressed. Hardie board installation should be completed, then they will caulk and paint.

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squiute said...

Sure glad I don't have to figure out where three miles of cable have to be hooked up to make it work. Is there anything you have to do to enhance having wireless throughout the house?