Sunday, February 08, 2015

The House - Week 15

Week 15 - February 2, 2015

This week started with the roofers putting the shingles on.

The fireplace and flue was installed.

As were all of the tubs.

The roofers were able to get shingles on the roof in just a couple of days.

Inside the house, the plumbers were hard at work putting in the sewer piping and vents.

Another view of the fireplace & chimney.

Return air vents started popping up.

Rough plumbing in the master bathroom, return air vent and heating duct.

To be honest, I don't love the orangey color of the shingles... Hopefully once the exterior facade is installed and painted it will look great.

Duct runs in the upstairs were done using insulated flexible ductwork running in the attic space.

From the return air vents as well.

All of the ductwork coming out of the furnace looks like a tentacled monster.

95% efficient furnaces are being installed.

From the back.

These next photos were from yesterday (2/7).  It was probably the most gorgeous February day that Utah has ever seen. I'm finally caught up!

You can see the furnace vent and fireplace chimney/vent in the roof.  I wish those would have been placed on the backside of the house, but that's not how it lined up...

The electrical contractor has started installing all of the backboxes for switches, receptacles, light fixtures, etc.  We're putting two 220V outlets in our garage.  One for my Volt, and one for my future Tesla...

Receptacles to be mounted in the top of the mud room cubbies.

Downlight cans have been installed, as well as plumbing for the floor above.

The view from the entryway.  You can see ductwork, plumbing, electrical boxes, etc. in this picture.

The homework nook upstairs.

The view from Ada's bedroom window (to the east).

The view from the bonus room window (once again to the east).  Because of the slope of the road, it doesn't feel like this room is on the second floor.

The view from Lyla's room to the north (find the temple).

Looking from Lyla's room back towards the doorway.

The view from Kate's window (to the west).

In the basement.  The framers were here working on boxing out around the ductwork and plumbing.  We elected to have them lower the whole ceiling in our great room rather than having a step halfway through the room.  The basement ceilings are probably still around 10 1/2 feet, so not a big deal.

Looking back towards the theater room.

At the back of the house.  The concrete pad is where the air conditioning condenser units will sit.  I was hoping that we would be able to squeeze them in on the side of the house, but the rock walls kind of took that option away.

A view from the front.

One more.  It's really starting to look good!

Last picture: Chipping away the concrete to get the basement tub and toilet installed.

Next week: Hopefully we'll finish the electrical and plumbing in order to have our 4-way inspection at the end of the week or beginning of the following week.

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Ben said...

Keep the updates coming! I'm enjoying seeing your house come together...and wondering if we'll ever end up buying a house. Real estate is just slightly more expensive here.