Saturday, February 07, 2015

The House - Week 14

Week 14 - January 26, 2015

Another beautiful winter week. Tarpaper showed up on the roof on Monday morning.

The framers installed some blocking in the master shower.

The to-do list to complete framing in the upstairs.

The framing in the entryway between the den/office, front door and open ceiling area is very complicated.

I took a lot of pictures of the rock wall between our house and our north neighbor's house.  North Salt Lake City has an ordinance that limits the height of all retaining walls to 9'.  Our walls are around 11' tall, so the city will not approve them.  We're looking at our options... Below is a view of the wall from the back corner of our house (in the backyard).

A view along the top of the wall.

We're told that the engineering for the wall was completed for it's full height (i.e. 11')  That's why the boulders at the bottom of the wall are so large.  To make the wall 9' tall, then the top row of rocks may need to be removed.

Another view.

The view of the corner of the wall.

Note the tarpaper on the roof.  The weather has been so fantastic that most of the wood in our house has never been exposed to moisture, and now the house is mostly dried in.

The view looking towards the garages.

Framing for the fireplace.

You'll  note that the two columns below are slightly different.  The contractor was asking which we preferred.  I think that I went with the one on the right.

Another view of the house with the white roof.  This made the house easily visible from our current house, Redwood Rd, I-15, etc.

Now the big windows have all been installed. I imagine it was quite a challenge.

From the front.

Measuring the height of the rock wall.  Still considering our options...

Pretty much all the windows are in except for a couple that were shipped incorrectly or ordered late.  One of them is the long horizontal window in the breakfast nook.

Fireplace framing is complete.

The backyard patio has been poured.

Also, the exterior doors are in place.  Looking from the deck back into the house.

Another view of the back patio.  I'm thinking that's a perfect spot for a hot tub.  Alison?

The view from the back with nearly all of the windows installed.

Another view of the back patio and rear garage/storage shed.

It's always more fun when the girls join me (whether they're in their pajamas or not).

Looking into the kitchen area.

Hanging out in the toy room/bonus room over the garage.

Another view of the complicated framing conditions at the front entryway.

The front porch and columns are all framed.

Lyla came to join me outside.

Basement to-do list.  I'm just wondering why the redheads made the list.

This room will be a home theater with platform seating in the basement.

The to-do list for the main floor.

Alison leaving the garage.

Shingles have been craned onto the roof.

Alison, Lyla and shingles.

Next week: MEP (i.e. mechanical HVAC, electrical & plumbing).


Rachelle said...

Wow. You guys are going to have a gorgeous house! I have loved the updates.

squiute said...

Way sad about the wall. I would think a well engineered rock wall would be better than a steep slope where water will pour down the 9' wall. No waivers from the city?